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Carroll, Iowa


AirTech Duct Cleaning is your local indoor air quality professional. Let us help you and your family meet your indoor air quality needs by making your home as healthy, clean, and efficient as possible!


Improve your indoor air quality by removing dust and debris in your duct work. Stop indoor pollutants from circulating through your home 5-7 times per day on average.


2,900 dryer fires are reported each year. Cleaned vents also help with dryer efficiency saving you money!


Sanitized duct work leaves you and your family breathing healthy air! Cleaned duct work leaves your system running more efficiently!

Call or text 712-210-1955 today for your free quote!


We had our ducts cleaned recently and immediately noticed a difference! The amount of dust has greatly diminished and now we have comfort knowing we are breathing cleaner air! We highly recommend AirTech Duct CLeaning to anyone considering having their ducts cleaned!

- Brigit

Austin did a fantastic job cleaning our duct work after we finished up a basement remodel job!! Can't believe the difference in air quality, let alone how much the dust in the house isn't as bad!! Would recommend him over & over again!! I was shocked when I saw the pictures!

- Donna

Austin is the only one we trust to do a thorough cleaning of our ducts! After a large remodel, I could smell the dust in the air and was dusting furniture and sweeping floors once a day! AirTech was able to respond quickly and restore clean air to our home! If you haven't cleaned your ducts lately, give AirTech a call! You won't regret it!!

- Summer

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